Cleaning For My Parents

Recently I took on a cleaning project for my parents. Now these two people are the most organized and tidiest couples that I know and still their garage was filled with a lot of unnecessary things because, like most of us, their garage is where items go to die. My Dad hangs on to half empty paint cans (you never know when you might need a touchup, he always says.) There were a great many tools that had rusted and an assortment of odds and ends that had outlived their usefulness. In short, I had to resort to Hauling St Pete (where my folks live) is a bit of a distance from my house so between my working days and taking care of my husband and kids, I’m unable to help Mom and Dad out as often as I would like to. I have been trying to convince them to sell their place and move in with my family but so far they have declined the invitation. As senior citizens, they do enjoy the occasional get togethers with senior group activities at their church and I realize a move from familiar territory can be a bit scary but I also worry about their well-being. Both of them are showing the downside of aging…not as steady on their feet and a little forgetfulness from time to time. I guess this is something we all have to face eventually when our loved ones get older. The key to handling it is patience and understanding. That is why my husband and I have instilled those values in our own kids. We remind them that Grandma and Grandpa have lived a full and prosperous life and took care of all of us when we needed them. Now is the time for us, their family, to step up to the plate and make sure that they are safe and be there for them, not just when they need help but take time to visit and let them know how much they are loved and appreciated! This is something every one of us should do. The feeling of love will return twofold!

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