Towing Help

Whether you live in Largo, Seminole or Clearwater, Florida, tow trucks are abundant so anytime you have the misfortune to experience a breakdown there are several garages that can come to your aid. Since I reside in the city of Clearwater, if I ever find myself in that position, I believe that I would call for Towing Service Clearwater to bail me out. I am not a mechanic and have limited knowledge of the stuff under the hood of an automobile but I am relieved to know that a professional tow truck driver is always just around the corner with the experience and know how to figure out what part or parts of my motor might be creating my driving problems and a mechanic will be able to determine if a motor malfunction can be fixed on the spot or if a tow is needed. I have in the past lived through a blown out tire while on the road and even under those circumstances, I was able to count on a towing company to come out and rescue me. The tire was completely shot and my spare was flat so there was no choice but to let the car be towed to the nearest towing garage. I still recall the kindness that the tow guy showed toward me and how he actually gave me a ride in the tow truck back to his garage where I was able to call upon a friend to come and pick me up. There is so much to be thankful for in life and I bet a lot of people don’t think to include tow truck services on the thank you list. I just like to show appreciation for all those businesses that make life easier for me and my family and all folks, in general. Firemen and policemen are, of course, high on that gratitude list but I think that anyone who adds a service to the community, should be given a “thumbs up.”

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